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With Eid around the corner, I’ve decided to round up some of my favourite looks this season as inspo. Super easy trends that don’t require too much effort. If you want to add to the list, please don’t be shy to drop a comment down below.


  • Matching suits

This trend has been around for a little while already and frankly, no one can get enough. Different colours, cuts, textures, fabrics, prints! The options are endless! It’s so possible to find a suit that’s perfect for you no matter what your style is, also what’s great is that these outfits look great with literally almost any type of shoe sneakers, heels, boots and sandals.

 What type of scarf do I wear with this? A more structured type of suit requires a lightweight scarf to balance it out, maybe a chiffon or a jersey if tied neatly enough. Cotton would also make such a great option.


insta: @seymakaymakk                              insta: @vivvyyusof 

Insta: @ascia      

Insta: @ascia                                             

Insta: senaseveer

  • Dresses! Dresses! Dresses!

An Eid staple in my opinion. Not sure if you’ve noticed all the beautiful flowing dresses that have been circulating on the gram? Frills are here to stay baby, lightweight fabrics with light prints. Looks great with both sneakers and boots.

The button down skirt dress has also made its way on the scene, if you live in the warmer parts of the country, this kind of dress would look amazing with a pair of cute booties! Peasant skirts and dresses are in the next in thing. If your dress is a midi length, don’t feel shy to throw on a pair of skinny jeans or tights.

What scarf should I wear with this? If you’re going to be wearing a turban, try something like a jersey scarf, possibly a suede of you’re feeling adventurous. Alternatively, a chiffon would be great, tie neatly at the back and add a cute pair of sunnies.


 Insta: @nohayouby                                 

Insta: @brinney_                                



Insta: @withloveleena                     

Insta: @hulyaslan

  • Matching Kimono Sets

 Seeing a pattern here? Not complaining, totally on board! Love this look, super effortless and chic. Pair a similar colour kimono with your pants or alternatively buy the entire set.

 What scarf should I wear with this? Judge your scarf depending on the type of fabric; linen  looks great with satin of chiffon. Jersey and Suede are great for chiffon or satin kimonos.


 Insta: @niaamroun

  • Blazers

The right kind of blazer can change your entire outfit. When shopping for a blazer, fit is key. After you have found the perfect match, your options are pretty much endless (Promo Code: BLOG1). Throw it over a satin skirt for a super chic look, or over a pleated skirt for some volume. Blazers also look really great over dresses, mix a solid colour blazer over a print to change up your outfit.



Insta: @just.ashaa                           

Insta: @fayclaeres



Insta: @fromsule                                     

Insta: @ascia

  • Inners!!!

I still sometimes cringe when I think about inners but even big fashion houses and non-modest dressers are starting to catch onto our teen fashuuurns. Recently I’ve seen some really cool ways to style these. If you’re still not feeling the whole “inner” look, substitute with a shirt or blouse.

 What scarf should I wear with this? Assess the collar of your top and then decide, bulkier, frilly collars call for lightweight softer scarves. A normal standard round neck can be worn with practically any scarf.   


 Insta: @nabilahkariem                                Insta: @simplyjaserah


If you have any other styling info, please do comment below or share with us! I would love to hear from you. 


Lots of Love

The Nura Team 


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